How To Remove White Stains on Your Teeth After Whitening…

How To Remove White Stains on Your Teeth After Whitening…

You just brushed your teeth after a whitening session and notice much to your dismay white spots on all your teeth!!! OMG and WTF? 

Relax, we got you fam… Those white stains could be from a few different things here’s how to get rid of them. 

Dental Fluorosis – Is a condition from childhood where the individual received too much fluoride and it created white patches on the adult teeth.  It can be removed in a couple of ways by your dental professional.  One way to remove it is by microabrasion or using small amounts of abrasive material to scour the surface of the tooth and remove the white areas. The second way is by using an acidic compound and bleaching the tooth to a more uniform shade. 

Enamel Hypoplasia – Caused by a malformation of the enamel or braces in childhood. Treatments include the whitening of the whole tooth or Veneers that will cover the outside of the tooth. Applying fluoride to the outside of the tooth might encourage enamel growth and using a composite resin to protect against tooth decay.

Braces/Poor Hygiene –  Wearing braces in childhood and poor oral hygiene can cause a white spot on the enamel where the braces sat on the tooth. Most teeth whitening procedures will minimize the effect of this discolorization and return the teeth to normal appearance. 

Dehydration – The enamel of the tooth can get dehydrated from sleeping with your mouth open or lax dental hygiene. This dehydration causes the teeth to become discolored and can lead to tooth decay. Rehydration takes one or two days from natural saliva production, or from resuming normal oral hygiene. If your teeth become dehydrated on a regular basis speaking to your dentist would be a great idea. 

Eating too many sugary foods-  Sugary or acidic foods can leave white discolored spots on your teeth as well as the damage from tooth decay. Cutting back on these snacks, and increasing the quality of your dental hygiene program will mitigate the damage. Brushing with a quality fluoride toothpaste and flossing between meals will keep your teeth in amazing condition. 

The bottom line is this… White spots on your teeth are fairly easy to fix once you know what the cause is.  Proper brushing and flossing will not guarantee a full set of teeth into your old age but without a solid hygiene plan, it is a lock you will not have a full set of teeth your whole life…   You will also find out that teeth whitening cost   does not have to break the bank to be very effective. 


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